Am I the only one out there who is SO frustrated with shopping and the selection of clothing right now? I'm wondering if the fashion industry is going through a dull, ugly period or if I'm just getting older and choosier (I'm 25).

I like simple, classic clothes with an early 60s twist to them - high scoop necks, 3/4 sleeves, slight puff sleeves, a-line skirts, warm colors, mary janes, peter pan collars, sturdy material, argyle, jumpers, etc...

I'm a teacher so I can't buy extremely high-end products, but I buy a lot of Fred Perry and can shop in that price range. I also used to get a lot of clothes from Forever 21, H&M, etc...but just haven't found anything in months and I'm getting desperate.

I'm wondering if any of you lovely stylish girls would be willing to share with me some shopping secrets- I'm particularly looking for online stores , and hints on where to look for clothes that are, apparently, not within mainstream trends.

Thank you so much!
Hurry up and look back

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My computer crashed and went to bits, I lost all of the bookmarks of amazing websites/blogs that I have been saving and reading for years. Although I remember some of the major ones I miss them and feel a little lost (i know that's a little pathetic)

so help a sister out, let me know what your favorite fashion, makeup, accessory, trend setter, style, design, girly girl, feminista, and overall amazing have to read them websites/blogs are.

thanks thanks

Oxford Shoes

* Hi again! I just wanted to show the new Oxford shoes I got at the Topshop webpage last week. And my first wicker bag from Etsy!! Yay, for Intenet shopping!! And a question for you all... What are your favorite Internet sites for buying clothes - shoes - jewelry - make up - stationery - house things - ...?

EDIT: I hope the link is now okay...
More at my blog!

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Hello, loves.

My name is Emily. I've been watching this community for while & decided to finally contribute a little something. I lovelovelove looking at all your delightful outfits. So many gorgeous ladies! (It's rather intimidating, no?)

So, I'm studying to become a high school English teacher. After winter break, I will be in the classroom for the first time. I'm struggling to find outfits that will make myself look "sophisticated" while not over the top. My problem is that I look pretty young (I'm 22), so I'm afraid I'll be mistaken for a student! I need to wear things that will set me apart from them. I am always looking for inspiration! If you'd like to share. :)

Anyway, here are a few outfits that I've worn recently. I'm really a rather plain Jane by habit. Although, I'm trying to put more of an effort into what I wear. This first one was definitely out of my "comfort zone". But, I like it over all. I ended up wearing a little cardigan with it.
Possible "going out" outfit.

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I've been getting into back to school shopping mode and unfortunately haven't found much in actual stores but have been going craaaazy online. I'm so over summer now and am ready for fall clothes! Some stuff that I plan to/wish to get..and show me yours! Plus some of my own things.

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so i bought this super cute built by wendy top at buffalo exchange, but after washing it w/ other colored items, it now has faint black splotches all over it. probably due to dye from the other clothes bleeding onto it. is there any way to save it? i tried googling a remedy and read oxi clean might help? suggestions?? thanks!
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What is your favorite brand for high-quality cotton/cotton-like basic tee shirts/tanks? Price does not matter. I'm just looking to buy some camisoles and tee shirts that will last and last with minimal pilling.

Has American Apparel fallen apart for you?
Other brands in mind are C&C California, Vince, Theory, Splendid, James Perse...

Thank you thank you!

EDIT: Whoa, thanks for all the helpful comments. James Perse and Vince (for that perfect tee) it is. I went to AA for the first time ever and dropped $276....most of it is now going to be exchanged for hoodies for the boyfriend.