December 1st, 2007

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So I fell in love with two jackets on I ordered one and it seemed like everything was fine until 2 weeks later; I received a message saying the jacket is out of stock. So, I went back to their site and found this:§ion=women&

which I LOVE. It's been on the site maybe a week and a half and the black is already sold out. I've never ordered from but they're already not making a very good first impression. Has anyone ordered from them? What are your experiences? ALSO! Where I can I find a jacket very similar to the one above?? I don't care if it's only half similar just so long as the sleeves are long and don't cut off at the elbow or something. THANKS SO MUCH.

kate spade

So I think I'd like to live in Kate Spade's magazine ads. I wouldn't mind being surrounded by gorgeous colors & books all the time.

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So on a somewhat related note, where do you all get your tights from? Target just doesn't have as nice a selection this year as they have in the past.

kewl subject~*

Hi, I'm Christina. I'm 18 (soon to be 19) and I go to school in Chicago. I'm originally from Paris, although I lived in Miami for some time. Anyway, I've been lurking this community for a while, and I finally decided to post an entry. This goes out to my roommate: HEY I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS.

I'm 5'4" (yeah I know) and "thick", aka my butt is huge. Where do you other *~apple bottom gurlz~* get your jeans from?

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