June 4th, 2008

Weird request.

Ok, so I really like these pair of shoes.

They're on sale for $49.98 on the aldo website currently and I really want to order them but unfortunately the aldo website does not accept international credit cards (i'm not from the US), so I can't do so. I'm looking for someone who can help me order it in a size 37 off the website and then ship it to me after they receive it. I'm really desperate to get these, so if anyone can help, it'll be greatly appreciated!


What is your favorite brand for high-quality cotton/cotton-like basic tee shirts/tanks? Price does not matter. I'm just looking to buy some camisoles and tee shirts that will last and last with minimal pilling.

Has American Apparel fallen apart for you?
Other brands in mind are C&C California, Vince, Theory, Splendid, James Perse...

Thank you thank you!

EDIT: Whoa, thanks for all the helpful comments. James Perse and Vince (for that perfect tee) it is. I went to AA for the first time ever and dropped $276....most of it is now going to be exchanged for hoodies for the boyfriend.

Hello, and first post.

Hi all. just wanted to say i'm so pleased to be a part of this community. you all have such great style, it really inspires me. :) here are some recent favorites i've been into lately.

favorite yellow scarf - necessary clothing
skirt - AA
tank - UO
tights - h&m
olive green leather purse - a gift from my mom from her trip to paris :)

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yes, my hair is usually this messy. i'm a big fan of low-maintenance.

any suggestions, tips, whatever is appreciated!

PS today is my birthday! hurrah for geminis.
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I'm almost really nervous to post here for the first time, but here goes.

I went to some thrift stores yesterday to celebrate the beginning of summer and I found some ridiculous cowboy boots. I'm excited. I love cowboys and indians so they work so perfectly for me.

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