January 27th, 2010


Am I the only one out there who is SO frustrated with shopping and the selection of clothing right now? I'm wondering if the fashion industry is going through a dull, ugly period or if I'm just getting older and choosier (I'm 25).

I like simple, classic clothes with an early 60s twist to them - high scoop necks, 3/4 sleeves, slight puff sleeves, a-line skirts, warm colors, mary janes, peter pan collars, sturdy material, argyle, jumpers, etc...

I'm a teacher so I can't buy extremely high-end products, but I buy a lot of Fred Perry and can shop in that price range. I also used to get a lot of clothes from Forever 21, H&M, etc...but just haven't found anything in months and I'm getting desperate.

I'm wondering if any of you lovely stylish girls would be willing to share with me some shopping secrets- I'm particularly looking for online stores , and hints on where to look for clothes that are, apparently, not within mainstream trends.

Thank you so much!