Last day of May but not the last day of dresses!

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Question: I'm on the lookout for a high-waisted pencil skirt and I just decided I'm willing to buy a new one because thrift stores are not proffering up any size 8s (damn my size 2 sister who now has three!!) What stores would you suggest? I've checked at H&M and Zara only so far. My budget is probably at most 30, but preferably less.
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hey there, first time posting.

does anyone know of sites with cool, different "artist series" type t-shirts? i already know of places like threadless, blood is the new black, etc. and don't mention uo because theirs are getting kind of old.

and i don't know if this is allowed but after a few years i've gotten back into the swing of things with lj and would like awesome people to add. if anyone is interested in friending a 16 year old l.a. native w/ a shopping addiction (among other things) feel free to do so :-)

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i'm really terrible at shopping. yesterday, i spent $150 at forever21 (and that's a LOT of clothing, considering nothing i bought was really over $20). so today, i went to take pictures of all of my new outfits and came up with one outfit i liked, basically. last summer, i wore the same american eagle polo shirt (in various colors) with bermuda shorts every day. so i don't know how to dress for summer.

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this is my first time posting here.

i am in charge of ordering some t-shirts for a show, and since i have little experience both with stocking the right number of sizes of t-shirts for an event and women's clothing in general, i would like some advice. the shirts are american apparel, so you can have an idea of how they're cut.

girls, what sizes should i have on hand? which sizes should i have more of than others?

edit: just for a better idea of our attendance, i can tell you that the show is an indie rock show in new york city.

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summer skin

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Can anyone tell me where I can find mid rise skinnies in Canada? I've checked Urban, H&M, F21, Gap and Off the Wall. Or can anyone suggest a good brand? I'm so sick of low rise. I'm always paranoid they're not covering up by backside at work. :\

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who here has psiorasis? how do you deal with it when it comes to bathing suit season? or just in general.
have you found anything that helps tremendously?
its on my back right now and its embarassing because i love shirts that show my back

also how do you birds feel about vitamins? and who flosses (so?) regularly? I just recently realized i should take better care of my teeth? who is obessed with taking care of their hair, skins, nails, teeth etc..? what are you daily routines or favorite products? any at home remedies?