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newestwrinkle's Journal

The Newest Wrinkle in Fashion
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All Members
This community is for the newest wrinkle in fashion.

001. The following are acceptable in this commmunity:
-Photography involving fashion

002. Prom posts are not allowed. This does not mean posts involving dresses aren't allowed.

003. Please read the memories before asking a question. They are updated frequently.

004. This community is request/invite only. Do not bother your MODs, we have lives! We put a lot of time into approving members and it may take more time than usual.

005. Please make sure your photos work. Any posts with red X's will be automatically deleted.

006. We changed our minds, sales posts are not allowed.

007. Use a cut on long entries/large pictures.

008. If we delete your entry, do not repost it. We delete a lot of entries. Simply wait a few days and make a new post with different content. If that is also deleted I'm afraid you are destined to be a commenter only...

009. All entries MUST be friends ONLY.


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